Farming: Going Back To Our Roots

There was once a time that nearly every family had a garden with fruits and vegetables growing within an arm’s reach, but these days it would be more accurate to say that “Farmville” is the closest most people come to growing anything. It’s unfortunate that most of us have lost that contact with nature, but even with the increased use of technology and gadgets for farming and food production, the necessity for natural farming hasn’t faded. With the use of , we can help to maintain an ecosystem with minimal human intervention, though the initial time required for planning and set-up needs to be taken into account.

In the modern world, many of us have turned away from farming as an occupation for more lucrative careers. Even so, nobody can argue that the one profession that still has the same degree of importance in our lives is that of the farmer. We depend on farming for the quality of food we receive—an important factor for good health. Fortunately, there are still many places such as berry farms across the United States where the importance of the farmer is celebrated, and where the use of modern technology in farming has helped to revive this wonderful occupation.

The balance of our ecosystem depends on our farmlands. The natural flora and fauna that an agriculturally rich area may give rise to can be very important for maintaining the balance of the environment. The varying rounds of cultivation help to enhance the soil as well as to increase the population of natural pollinators—such as bees and butterflies. It is also essential to only use natural methods of selection to enhance the quality of produce, such as natural berry breeding methods. When something is claimed to be natural and organic, ensure that it is grown in line with the environment and not in closed areas resembling laboratories. Nothing can beat the pleasure of eating something that has been adapted to and grown in a local climate and arrives freshly harvested to your table.


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