For Ostomates, By Ostomates: Top Free Ostomy Magazines

Finding magazines geared specifically towards ostomates is exceedingly difficult. Most health and wellness magazines focus on issues that have little to do with ostomies, and if they do mention ostomies, it is often rarely and in a roundabout way. Fortunately, ostomy magazines do exist, and in a surprisingly large number, too. Each of these magazines are unique, focusing on different issues ostomates deal with on a regular basis, while focusing on different audiences. Best of all, many of these magazines are free, and readers can download them online in various formats, such as .PDF. This article will look at some of the best magazines for ostomates currently available today, and explain how people can go about getting them.


With a readership of over 30,000 people, is the top ostomy magazine, as well as the premiere magazine for colostomates, their families and their caregivers. Written specifically by the Colostomy Association, additional contributions from ostomates and stoma care professionals help to make it an important resource for anyone who is a part of the ostomate community. Tidings magazine provides a platform where ostomates can share experiences and practical tips, find supportive information and educational material, and stay on top of the latest products and government legislation.

Hand in Hand

is a magazine that SecuriCare publishes twice a year for all of their stoma customers, as well as anyone visiting their site who seeks support and information. The free magazine has a warm, personal touch, because it includes letters, personal stories, inspiring poems and helpful recipe ideas. SecuriCare’s patients submit a variety of inspirational stories that illustrate their strength and courage, as well as providing real, living proof that having a stoma does not need to restrict one’s enjoyment of life, and all it has to offer.


Linkline is a free magazine for those that are on Salts’ mailing list. People can get onto the mailing list by contacting Salts directly. Being a company magazine mainly makes the focus on products and services offered by Salts. However, after a recent overhaul of the magazine, Linkline now focuses much more on providing stories from ostomates that are also Salts customers. In addition, the magazine does a good job at showcasing certain charities.

Ostomy News

While more a newsletter than a magazine, the Ostomy News is an invaluable (and free) source of information for ostomates everywhere. Ostomy News distinguishes itself by focusing on all types of ostomies, and it provides a comprehensive list of support groups along with their dates and locations. As such, it is the perfect resource for ostomates looking for additional support and encouragement.

IA Journal

Coming in at over typically 60 pages per issue, the IA journal is one of the more comprehensive magazines on this list. The magazine includes a wealth of information, such as personal stories and letters from ostomates. Its large selection of advertisements and articles is also an excellent way of finding out about new . The IA Journal is free for members of the IA, although select issues can also be downloaded free online, as well.

The Pelican Article

The Pelican Article deserves special mention for doing what no other ostomy magazine does: focusing on young ostomates. This small publication does a stellar job of talking about issues that are unique to young ostomates, with a special focus on pediatrics and youth issues. The magazine also includes games and puzzles to keep those young ostomates entertained. Best of all, it is free for mailing list members and is available to download online in PDF form. It is also complimented by the Pelican Brief, which is aimed at a more adult audience.

Finding information about ostomies can be difficult for those who limit themselves to only the mainstream health magazines. Unfortunately, ostomy front page stories don’t exactly fly off of the newsstands, meaning ostomates will have to dig a bit deeper in order to find the ostomy magazine for them. As the above list shows, there are many magazines for ostomates, allowing readers to learn new information, share stories, and find the latest products.

Josephine Murray is a longtime ostomate and avid blogger. Her articles appear mainly on health and nutrition blog sites.

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