Importance of Drug Rehabilitation

Drug addiction is a general social evil, which every society suffer from, some societies suffer more and some societies suffer less in compare to others. But the problem of drug addiction, alcohol addiction are global phenomena and present all over the world. No country or society is immune to drug addiction. Like communicable and infectious diseases, drug addiction should be under control and it should be below the level, where it becomes a threat to the general well being of the society or country as a whole. Multidisciplinary approach is required to achieve the control level of drug addiction.

The major requirement for controlling the drug addiction level, there should be good quality drug treatment and rehabilitation centers, and lots of them. A good should have dedicated professionals for drug treatment and drug rehabilitation. The drug treatment program of a good drug treatment center should be individualized, as there is need to treat different drug addicts in a different way. In a good each of the individuals with drug addiction should have drug treatment and alcohol addiction treatment plan, which should be developed specifically for each individual.

Drug addiction and drug rehabilitation are a team game and a dedicated team for different aspects of drug treatment and should be available round the clock for success of the drug treatment and rehabilitation center. The ideal drug treatment program should have a holistic approach in treating the drug addicts. The treatment of drug addicts should involve social activists, local and national Government, social psychologists besides doctors, nurses and other professionals.

Rehabilitating the drug addicts who got treated successfully is an important aspect of drug and alcohol treatment. If former drug addicts are not rehabilitated properly, the chance of re-addiction to drugs is very high. They should get the right employment for the post addiction success.

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