Know about Unintentional Weight Loss

Weight loss of more than 5% (five percent) of body weight without an intention in less than one year time can be called unintentional weight loss and it can be a signal to a serious underlying pathology and underlying systemic disease. It is advisable for general physicians to investigate to find out the cause of weight loss of more than 5% in 6-12 months period. Weight loss should not be ignored if it is not intentional, as it may be due to serious medical problem and early diagnosis of the underlying disease can be managed better if diagnosed in time and as early as possible.

Despite significant variation in the quantity of food and calorie intake as well as highly variable physical activity or consumption of calories, normal human beings generally able to maintain bodyweight surprisingly without much fluctuation. Losing body weight voluntarily is very difficult and maintaining the lost body weight is more difficult than losing body weight is due to the fact that it is very important to maintain body stores of energy for possible lean period in human body physiology since the time of evolution. Human body physiology has evolved for protection against lean period, that is why our body always tries to store energy in the form of fats in adipose tissues and other parts of the body.

Body fats acts as energy depot because fats can store very high calorie per gram. One gram of fat can store 7.7 kcal (although one gram of fat yield 9 kcal of energy, but when it is stored it can store 7.7 kcal of energy) and losing one kilo of body weight require expenditure of 7700 kcal (that is why losing weight is very difficult). Carbohydrates and proteins can store less than 4 kcal per gram and they are used more as providing energy for functioning of body (by carbohydrates) and body building materials for maintaining health and well being and also to functioning of body smoothly (by proteins).

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