Should you use Hair Loss Products?

Are you bald, or suffering from hair loss to a great extent that you may become bald very soon? You might be wondering, should you use products that can prevent hair loss or not. This is not an easy question to answer. The market is filled with advertisements, which claim to prevent hair loss and also help to re-grow hairs. The big question is should you use them or not? Some experts may say you should use products that prevent hair loss and some experts may say that the hair loss products are not of much use and you are at loss whether to use the products which advertise that they can prevent hair loss and also make hairs re-grow.

To decide whether to use the hair loss products or not, the best way is to understand how these products act, if they actually act. If any product that claims to prevent hair loss as well as help the lost hairs to re-grow, ask yourself before using the product how the product act and you will get the answer yourself if you should use the product or not. You should use only if you are sure it can help you.

But the problem with products which advertise excessively is that, they will claim many things, including the way it acts, which most common men will not understand. If you are a common man, the best way, in my (author of this article) opinion is that you should stick to the products that are approved by appropriate authorities (such as USFDA) for the treatment/prevention of that particular medical problem, in this case baldness or hair loss. Another point to remember is, to use these products only under competent medical supervision, who has knowledge and skill to prevent/reduce any side effect that the use of the product might cause.

USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has approved two drugs for treatment of baldness namely minoxidil and finesteride or the drugs of same groups. So, if you are bald or losing hairs very fast, use the products which contain any of the USFDA approved medications in them.

Other products if you use, be very careful. Many people will vouch that they got success using these products, but be wary of such vouches.

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