The Good and Bad of Finding Doctor Online

If you ask me, if anyone should online, it is not an easy question to answer, because, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of finding a doctor online. Learning about a doctor online is also not easy due to the same problems.

First we should be positive and discuss about the positive side of finding a doctor online. The most important advantage of finding a doctor online (preferably within your locality) is the possibility of finding a doctor of your choice by just click of a mouse. You need not to go out to find him/her. Another potential advantage is that you can learn a lot about your doctor without asking anyone or without meeting him/her physically. But you should know how to search and which information should be accepted. If you accept every information available online about a doctor, you may be in trouble, because every information available online may not be accurate, it may be exaggerated. So be careful while finding a doctor online to make sure you get the correct information. You will find most of the information about a doctor whiling sitting at the comfort of your home.

In general you can trust some information such as location of clinic, working hours; whether the doctor is accepting new patients etc. are accurate.

What are the pitfalls of finding a doctor online?

The most important pitfall of finding a doctor online is that, the information available online about a doctor (regarding doctor’s experience, knowledge etc.) may not be accurate. Some information (e.g. year of graduation of the doctor makes little difference to you) about a doctor, even if inaccurate makes no difference to the patient, but some inaccurate information (e.g. inaccurate information about number malpractice suits may have serious consequences) may have serious consequences.

There are many websites maintained by doctors on their own and many websites giving information about doctors are maintained by various agencies such as health/medical insurance companies. Be selective in accepting the information available in such websites. In general non profit websites managed by NGOs (non government organizations) are more accurate about the information they display.

If you have to undergo invasive or difficult treatment such as surgical procedure, treatment for complicated disease, it is better to clarify the online information before you decide to get treated by that doctor. If you select a doctor for invasive or difficult treatment such as surgical procedure, treatment for complicated disease etc. and the doctor have a bad history of malpractice (the information is not available online) you may be in trouble.

So, clarify online information before selecting a doctor for your treatment or or such reputed health service providers.

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