The Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is found in only a small number of foods; such foods include the likes of eggs, liver products and oily fish, as well as a few fortified provisions, including margarine, breakfast cereals and powdered milk.

We do, however, get most of our through sunlight on our skin. This is because the vitamin forms under the skin in response to the sunlight. However, if you live in the colder climates, natural sunlight can often be hard to come by, especially now the winter months are here and the days are both shorter and darker.

Vitamin D is therefore also available in other forms such as vitamin tablets and the health food store even house a vitamin D spray. Such food supplements are beneficial to those who have little exposure to the sunlight and also those who follow a strict dairy and fish free diet, such as vegans.

Vitamin capsules are recommended to both of the above and such a supplement is essential for the absorption and utilization of calcium from food. This in turn helps to maintain both healthy teeth and strong bones; it also supports cell division and can be produced by the body on contact with sunlight.

Vitamin D works to protect us against an assortment of ailments including heart disease, colds and flu, diabetes, rickets, autism and cancer.

Vitamin D, once present in the body in fact only lasts a total of 60 days. It is therefore important that we keep our vitamin D levels topped up; this can be done naturally or by taking any one of the many food supplement capsules available.

Vitamin D has been described as a “wonder vitamin” and is extremely effective in combating all of the above illnesses, keeping your body both healthy and happy.

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