Creativity, Unschooling, and nomadic lifestyle with Daniel Sage (16+)

12.08 | 18.00

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Creativity, Unschooling, and the modern nomadic lifestyle: the ongoing story of Daniel Sage.

How to do nothing, travel the world, and reignite or find your passion.

Daniel Sage is a rock-n-roll pioneer in love with the universe, positive energy and vibration. His work elegantly deals with aesthetic sonic naturalism, remaking urban and rural wilderness into provocative, satisfying tapestries of life and crafted utopias. Heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, and Kurt Cobain, Sage’s style is strikingly vibrant and tempting. His work has consistently taken technical and philosophical risks, establishing Sage as a leader in the realm of contemporary soundscapes. His first LP “Astronaut“ (2010) caught the attention of producer John Hampton (White Stripes, Replacements, Stevie Ray Vaughn) at Ardent Studios in Memphis TN, eventually following it up with “Wildlife” (2014). John Hampton would die less than a year after playing drums and producing the record, and before he did, had this to say:
“The most creative stuff I’ve ever heard. The music moves me in fits and starts…pushes me against the wall (rather brutally at times) and then licks me like a good cat should.